Unfortunately, far too many employers neglect their duties to their employees by fostering unsafe or hostile work environments. Sometimes managers condone or encourage discrimination. Workers find themselves subject to harassment, passed over for promotions, or denied raises because of their identity. Employers can also mistreat workers by wrongfully terminating their job or withholding wages. Thanks to widespread employment injustice, a lot of Texans every day dread going to work.

Federal and state laws forbid harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and a host of other toxic employer behaviors. As an employee, you are legally entitled to a safe, fair work environment. If you are one of the many Texas workers affected by unfair employer practices , you may be able to claim financial compensation.

Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices

The Austin employment attorneys at The Melton Law Firm can help you fight to get the justice you deserve and the monetary recompense you need by holding your employer responsible for their unlawful behavior. Tell us about your situation and find out how we can help you pursue action against those responsible for the mistreatment by calling today. If you have experienced sexual harassment from a co-worker, supplier, customer, or any other individual who regularly interacts with you at your place of work, it is critical that you inform your immediate supervisor Texas laws and federal regulations specify that employers have a wide range of obligations towards their employees.

They are required to prevent workplace discrimination stemming from identity categories such as age, national origin, gender, sexuality, race, and others. They must protect their employees from all forms of sexual harassment. Additionally, they treat their workers fairly and ethically by providing work wages in a timely manner.

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Employers that fail in these obligations can be held legally accountable for creating an unacceptable work environment. At The Melton Law Firm, our dedicated legal team has the experience to handle these common workplace issues and more.

We have the skills and the knowledge necessary to take on cases involving:. When you are dealing with these and other employment law issues, it is often critical to enlist the support of a qualified attorney to get the outcome that you want and need. Contact the The Melton Law Firm today at to discuss your case. The U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission records the number and type of discrimination charges workers across the country file against their employers. In , there were 91, total accusations for various types of discrimination.

That total includes complaints of:.

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These numbers suggest that far too many managers and business owners are shirking their legal duty to create safe, respectful work environments. If you have been subjected to unfair treatment, workplace harassment, or dangers on the job, you may be entitled to a variety of protections and benefits, including financial compensation. Employment-at-will basically means that your employer can freely alter the terms of your employment at any time for any reason unless restricted by an employment contract.

Consider a boss who decides to fire someone without warning and with no apparent cause. Many Texas workers are surprised to learn that they have extensive legal protections shielding them from workplace mistreatment despite living in an employment-at-will state. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against you on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age. Additionally, you cannot be fired for:. If you have been fired for any of these reasons, you may have been wrongfully terminated.

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Imagine that you work on a sales team in a large corporation. At work one day, you notice a colleague harassing another coworker, making clearly discriminatory remarks. You are concerned, so you report the incident to the leader of your sales team. Your sales team leader responds by ignoring your concerns and reassigning you to a different sales division. In the new division, you are unlikely to make as much money or have as many opportunities for advancement.

In this situation, could your employer be held legally accountable for reassigning you even though you did not experience discrimination yourself? Based on laws protecting employees from retaliation, yes. A skilled employment lawyer would be able to investigate your reassignment, building an argument that you were unjustly punished for making a complaint about discrimination and reporting illegal violations.

For your reference, we have compiled a short list of some common question we hear from our clients. If you have any specific questions concerning your unique situation, feel free to call us at A knowledgeable legal professional can give you answers, let you know more about your employee rights, and tell you about our specific services so that you have all the information you need to move forward. The monetary amount you can recover for your case depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the employment law violation and the extent of the damage done to your life.

The law understands that you can experience serious financial distress and mental anguish when you are mistreated at your job. For example, if you were wrongfully terminated, you might not have the income to cover your basic living expenses. The courts can award compensatory damages to cover a wide range of costs relating to your situation.

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