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Trump and the Truth: The Viral Candidate | The New Yorker

Scott, as well as to himself for confronting Sean Hannity on Mrs. He then attached a blog post. Have you even seen her do a press conference or rally within these last few weeks? Why is that?

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She can take a nice long vacation while the mainstream media does her bidding. Manage Newsletters.

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    Trump finally admits Obama was born in the US – campaign live

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    Donald Trump. White House. Both men are provocative and bombastic.

    Media helped inflate the birther story

    Jones, like Trump, captivates his audiences with conspiracies—and repeats such claims ad nauseam despite evidence to the contrary. Both men rail against the media using violent rhetoric—which is particularly dangerous coming from the president of the United States, and particularly rich coming from Jones, who is himself a radio host and media personality. Jones is arguably more extreme than Trump in his peddling of misinformation—Jones leaves far less room for plausible deniability in the dubious claims he makes—but the similarities between the two men are undeniable.

    Though the president of the United States mentioned neither Twitter nor Jones by name in his three-part tweet Saturday morning, the context was clear. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others Who is making the choices, because I can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made. The CEOs of social-publishing platforms have repeatedly demonstrated ambivalence about their responsibility for the misinformation and propaganda that their companies enable, and the harm that results. And, to be fair, the challenge Facebook and its peers like Twitter and Google face is a problem of unprecedented complexity and scale.

    The Art of the Donald: Alison Jackson Pictures Trump’s “Me Time”

    It does not force businesses to let anyone freely use the services they created. And it does not guarantee that what a person says or publishes can be said or published without consequence. These are the sorts of distinctions that are swept away routinely by those attempting to make politically convenient arguments about free expression.

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    Maybe Trump realizes that the publishing platforms that are grappling with their own values will continue to confront the question of what to do about Trump himself. After all, Twitter finally issued Jones a week-long suspension from publishing to the platform for inciting violence. He incites violence against the citizens of the country he leads with his repeated attacks against them, then promises to carefully guard the First Amendment rights he rails against—just like he promoted a conspiracy theory, then took credit when the person he attacked proved him wrong.

    When he reached the group that gathered there on the tarmac, he waited before speaking, making certain that the cameras were trained on him. He was smiling, savoring the moment.