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The California-Nevada Conference and our congregations utilize Safe Gatherings to enable our churches, camps, and affiliated groups to meet their screening and training responsibilities for those who work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults. Staff and volunteers who serve in ministry to these groups complete the approval process every 3 years to maintain their approval status. Individuals who complete an application, background check, and the online training may be approved and authorized to work with those groups in any church-related setting. Screening includes obtaining background checks and professional references.

The training is comprehensive and customized for our organization. Applicants may complete the online training modules at their own pace. Prevention and boundary awareness training course approx.

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Individuals can login to their account at any time to check the status of their application. The price includes the reference checks, background checks, and training required to be Safe Gatherings-approved. Applicants are responsible for payment by credit card at the time of application unless your church has decided to pay the application fee for approvals for those serving your congregation.

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  • If your church is covering this cost, it will be indicated when you complete your online application. All churches in the conference are set up in Safe Gatherings. Applicants must correctly choose the denomination, state and city where your church is located, and the church will display in a drop-down menu as you begin the application process. Reference requests are submitted and received electronically. It may be helpful to notify your chosen references so that they can anticipate receiving the request.

    How to Get a Job with Criminal Record

    If you prefer not to complete the training in one sitting, you may log out and complete it later. Soon, the lines between workers with a criminal record and those without blur. Around 40 of his workers currently showed something in their background checks that would give other employers pause, but Hookway has found his practice of taking a chance to pay dividends—both for workers, and for his company. Since launching with four employees, CleanCraft now numbers around workers. The company does not use background checks, drug tests, or interviews; hiring is done on the basis of faith that if someone is given a job, they will do it, and their skills and salaries will grow as they work.

    People who are given a job start off as apprentices, during which they go through a month job training and life-skills course.

    Hiring Process

    The company helps individual employees develop a career path, and provides them the support—whether it be additional job training or a GED course—to follow it. Dion Drew, for instance, joined the team as an apprentice in , and, after a number of promotions, is now a supervisor and new-hire manager. Delaney Philogene started as an apprentice at Greyston, moved on to the assembly line, then secured a job as an accountant with the company, and now works as an accountant for another.

    click here The idea, Brady says, is to equip people with both life and job skills that they could use to advance at Greyston, or take on to other companies. Either way, when people advance, it creates more space for more people to join as apprentices and begin their own careers. And this summer, it launched the Center for Open Hiring out of its offices in Yonkers to educate more companies about how to implement the practice. At the center, which is still in the early stages, companies will be able to bring their leadership and HR teams through to train with Brady and Greyston managers, who will educate them about the benefits of open hiring, and how it could work in different settings.

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    The center will provide ongoing support to companies as they work to implement the model. CleanCraft was one of the first partner businesses to sign on; to date, 14 other organizations , including Unilever and the Stern School of Business at NYU, have joined the Center. Other employers will be starting from scratch.

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