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But before we start, it is imperative to explain a few basic facts regarding arrest warrants.

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Much like all other counties in Florida, prior to release, Santa Rosa County arrest warrants must be signed by a judge. He will examine all the material submitted to him by the police in an attempt to find a probable cause for arrest. If he finds one, he will give his consent and the warrant will become active.

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Not all warrants are executed Unfortunately the police cannot find all the suspects. Those that are not, are termed outstanding warrants. These warrants remain in the system until they are served and an arrest is made. This means that if there is a warrant for your arrest, you will not be safe until the matter is resolved. So it is recommended to check criminal databases to know if you have any reason to be worried. In order to view Santa Rosa County outstanding warrants, we strongly suggest making a visit to the sheriff office.

The main office is located at East Milton Rd.

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