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Provides a step-by-step people search guide, discussion board, tools and resources to find people, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, and public information online. Free Public Record Sites. Over 1, state, county, city and federal court URLs where you can access public record information for free. Genealogy Pathfinder for Finding Missing Persons. Family history isn't always about centuries past. Sometimes you're looking for long-lost relatives still living.

This article covers people-searching basics, along with some terrific free resources you can use to track down your long-lost Uncle Joe. With over , family names and more than 25 million individuals online, LocateFamily. Locaters Plus - People Search Services. If not, click on each of the individual results to check out the personal profiles and see whether anyone seems to fit your friend's description. While doing that, make sure you click the "About" tab underneath the profile photo, since that's where you'll usually find the best identifying information as long as the person's profile isn't private.

Tips for Searching the Internet for That Long-Lost Friend - The New York Times

Failing that, try some additional searches. For example, your searches might look like the following. Remember to include the person's maiden name in some of them, if applicable :. You can further refine your searches by knowing how to find old school friends on Facebook or looking people up based on their location. For instance, you find old classmates on Facebook by following the process above, then clicking on "Choose a School" under "Education" from the column on the left side of the page that's titled "Filter Results. Similarly, you search for someone on Facebook by location by clicking on "Choose a City" under "City" in the "Filter Results" column.

Often, it's difficult to know whether any of the people who show up in Facebook's results actually match the person you're seeking. After all, many people don't use photos of themselves in their profiles, and they may purposefully keep their locations, alma maters, employers, friend lists, and other personal information private i. In that situation, you search for a friend on Facebook by using what you know about his or her family members or known associates. If you've already done a lot of research through search engines, then it's highly likely you've obtained the names of people who may have close ties to your old friend.

That means you can perform Facebook searches on each of those people. And if you're lucky, some of them will have public friend lists that you can browse. You may discover that at least one of them is friends on Facebook with someone who has your old friend's name. If so, you've probably found the person you've been hoping to get in touch with. Thanks to the platform's widespread popularity, finding old friends on Facebook is becoming more and more common for those who know how to use it.

But a lot of people still aren't on Facebook. Some people simply prefer to keep a low profile online or enjoy using other social media platforms instead. So it may be worth joining a few additional social networking sites. Although they are much less popular—especially among older adults—it's a good idea to check out LinkedIn , Instagram , and Twitter.

Reconnecting with Lost Friends

Each of those sites offers its own search tool that can enable you to find users with your old friend's name. These types of websites collect public information from all around the Web, and you'll start running across them as soon as you use a search engine to find your friend. In fact, incredibly useful information from them is often included directly in Google's search results. But if you click through to one of these websites, be aware of their selling tactics.

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Many of them will encourage you to take some kind of action that you probably don't need to do at this stage, such as sign up, become a member, pay for a subscription, or order a comprehensive report. Some of them even make non-member searches on their sites painfully slow so that you'll give in and make a purchase. At some point, it may be worth paying one of these sites for extra information.

Find Anyone Online: 8 Free Web Resources

However, you can often use them to find people online by name for free. Regardless of whether you search for someone directly on one of these websites or click through to them from Google results, you'll generally be presented with a long list of people who have the same name or a very similar name as the person you're looking for. The lists also usually include the approximate ages of each person, past and potentially current locations, possible relatives, and aliases.

That's a wealth of information—all usually available for free. So if you know how old your friend would be, you can greatly narrow down these lists, especially since you will also know at least one place that he or she has lived before. And if you know the names of any of his or her relatives, it's even easier to pinpoint the person you're seeking. Just keep in mind that, with this type of online people search, the information may not always be accurate or up to date.

So it's a good idea to do a lot of cross-referencing on different websites to see what information consistently shows up. Plus, different sites often provide different bits of information that you can piece together into a more complete profile without having to pay for anything. Of course, paying for a detailed report on someone may provide you with information that would be difficult to get through other methods, such as current contact info.

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  • And since these types of websites aggregate personal information from a wide variety of public sources, they offer a fast and convenient way to get that info. Many sites even make it possible to find profiles by email address or phone number, which can be useful if you can't remember a person's full name and only have an old piece of contact information to go on. Again, not all online information aggregators offer exactly the same information, but many of them can provide you with personal details like:. If you don't have much success using one website, you can always try another…and another.

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    After all, there are many online directories and information aggregators to choose from. Just be mindful of the fact that some of these websites may not follow customer-friendly billing practices. If you sign up for a trial subscription, be sure to cancel your account before the trial period expires. Here are some examples of websites in this category:.

    How to Find Long Lost Friends

    A lot of people are able to find former classmates by becoming members of alumni websites and associations. This method is particularly useful if you want to reconnect with old school friends but can't quite remember their names. That's because you may be able to browse old class photos and match names to faces.

    It's usually best to start by finding your former school's alumni website. For example, with this method, you find a high school friend by first searching on Google with the name of your high school in quotes followed by the word "alumni" and the school's location e. If your alma mater has its own official alumni association, it should appear within the first page or two of search results. Many schools also maintain Facebook pages for alumni groups.

    Once you find the alumni association for your former high school, college, or university, you simply need to register for free as a new member in order to gain access to class directories, photos, reunion announcements, and information about other members. If you're lucky, the former classmates you want to find will also be members, enabling you to get in touch with them through email or the alumni association's messaging system. So your school's alumni association may offer a free website to find someone you used to go to class with.

    But you may also run into commercial websites that say they help connect former classmates with each other. Some websites even help former military members reconnect. However, on most commercial websites, you'll need to pay for a membership in order to see photos, look at profiles, or message people. And sites of this type tend to have poor reputations when it comes to customer billing and email marketing.

    Some of them even operate as scams, pretending to be official alumni associations. Always look for disclaimers in tiny print. So you may only want to pay for a membership on a commercial site as a very last resort if other search methods don't prove fruitful. Generally speaking, these kinds of sites are best avoided. But here are two examples of affinity websites that have decent reputations:. Do you have a good public library in your area?

    If so, make a call to find out if it offers people the ability to use ReferenceUSA , which provides some of the most current information about people you can find. If your library subscribes to this service, you can access it with your library card. In fact, many libraries across the U. These days, you can often access official court, marriage, voter registration, and other public records online for free.