Using the Raspberry Pi as an access point to share an internet connection (bridge)

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TP-Link, Reliably Smart. For Home For Business. This Article Applies to:. Right click on Local Area Connection and go to Properties. Please set a static IP address as If your AP is There are many more options for dnsmasq; see the dnsmasq documentation for more details.

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Add the information below to the configuration file. This configuration assumes we are using channel 7, with a network name of NameOfNetwork, and a password AardvarkBadgerHedgehog. Note that the name and password should not have quotes around them.

The passphrase should be between 8 and 64 characters in length. Using a wireless device, search for networks.

How do I log into the Web-based Interface of Wireless Access Point or Extender(case 1)?

The network SSID you specified in the hostapd configuration should now be present, and it should be accessible with the specified password. If SSH is enabled on the Raspberry Pi access point, it should be possible to connect to it from another Linux box or a system with SSH connectivity present as follows, assuming the pi account is present:. By this point, the Raspberry Pi is acting as an access point, and other devices can associate with it.

Associated devices can access the Raspberry Pi access point via its IP address for operations such as rsync , scp , or ssh. One common use of the Raspberry Pi as an access point is to provide wireless connections to a wired Ethernet connection, so that anyone logged into the access point can access the internet, providing of course that the wired Ethernet on the Pi can connect to the internet via some sort of router. To do this, a 'bridge' needs to put in place between the wireless device and the Ethernet device on the access point Raspberry Pi.

This bridge will pass all traffic between the two interfaces. Install the following packages to enable the access point setup and bridging.

finding ip address of a wireless access point

Bridging creates a higher-level construct over the two ports being bridged. It is the bridge that is the network device, so we need to stop the eth0 and wlan0 ports being allocated IP addresses by the DHCP client on the Raspberry Pi. Find the "Ethernet adapter" header listed in the command line output that does not have a "Media Disconnected" status entry below the header.

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Note the IP address of the "Default Gateway" entry listed on the sixth line below the "Ethernet adapter" header in the command line output. Dave Wilson has been writing technical articles since , including manuals, instructional "how-to" tips and online publications with various websites. He also has experience with a broad range of computer platforms, embedded systems, network appliances and Linux. Video of the Day.