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The infographic below provides a simplified look at a sample VIN. Keep in mind that vehicles manufactured before might have fewer characters than today's standard VIN of 17 characters.

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As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year. The 1st character in a car's vehicle identification number indicates the country in which it was manufactured. Building Report. Decode the VIN If you're like most people, you probably think a vehicle identification number VIN is just a series of random characters. The prefix was then followed by an additional 'A' if it was a truck engine.

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As an example, a 'CAA' in place of the letters 'CA' in the individual unique engine number's prefix designated that the engine was equipped with a truck clutch. Each of those prefix series had a maximum of 10, serial numbers associated to it, before advancing to the next letter prefix series and starting over at numeral '1'. An 'AA' rather than an 'A' in the prefix indicated a truck engine. Note the small sized number pad.

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What makes it unusual is that the number pad appears to be machined flat in the same plane as the water inlet boss. Later number pads were un-machined as-cast surfaces.

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The engine block pad was left unstamped and as-cast. The pic above shows the typical US and Canadian Model B engine number location on top of the Model B or Model 46 flywheel housing , above the starting motor. Note that the number reads from the front of the engine in this example. Others read from the rear. For and subsequent production years, British Model B, BF, and Fourteen cars, and Model BB Ford and Fordson trucks and engines again carried the serial number from US Rouge number groups stamped on the as-cast pad above the water inlet on the block, the same location as all the earlier Model A's.

The serial number relocation from the flywheel housing casting to the former location on the engine block casting was done to comply with British law that the serial number be applied to the engine block casting itself, not on a removable component like the flywheel housing. German Model B series engines from used an apparently improved version of the original Model B engine, prior to the implementation of the yet further-improved G28T 'B' engine having insert bearings and pressure oiling. The pic below was supplied by Wilhelm Andersen of Norway. The truck is owned by Kjell-Eivind Bastholm.

I am seeking further information and photos about these German series engines, their improvements, and their prefix s , serial numbers, and format. The G28T had insert bearings and pressure oiling. The G28T carried the engine serial number stamped on the pad above the water inlet on the left hand side of the block, the same location as all the earlier Model A's. Also, many blocks had the stylized F-K logo cast-in as well. I am seeking further information and photos about these German G28T series engines, their prefix s , serial numbers, and format.

Model B 'engine' serial numbers started at 5,, and increased sequentially. The assigned serial number was actually stamped on the B flywheel housings of completed engines after they had passed run-in run-off tests and were released from the Engine Department for vehicle final assembly. The number pad above the block water inlet was left unstamped on US and Canadian built Model B engines. The engine flywheel housing number then became the serial number for the completed vehicle after final assembly. The serial number is separate from the prefix letter s. The serial number is unique and is not directly correlated to the prefix letter s.

Canadian-produced four cylinder 'engine' serial numbers were actually stamped on the top of the Model B or Model 46 flywheel housing above the starter, and the engine block pad was left unnumbered, similar to US Model B production. Do you have some interesting Serial Number feature to share? Please click my name to contact me by email. Information on the Ford Garage web site is presented for the User's consideration as-is and free of charge.

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Please see the relevant section below for detail information on engine serial numbers for each A or B engine type and production location of interest.

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Important Note: The engine serial number only dates the final approval of the assembled run-in engine, not the casting dates of the engine components, not the actual assembly date of the engine components, and not the assembly date of the vehicle. Important Points: Thus it is common to find an apparent 'later' car with an 'earlier' engine when comparing two vehicles to each other. An 'earlier' engine could be defined as one with either an earlier serial number indicating production date , or one having earlier part feature characteristics than the serial number date would nominally indicate.

Examining the production sequence backwards, this seeming discrepancy is the valid result based on when and where the cars were final assembled, when their engines passed final test and were numbered, when their engines were assembled from components, and when their actual individual engine components were produced.

Delays occurred at any combinations of steps in the processes. It is possible to have a complete engine assembly which was produced using 'earlier' parts or castings, and yet having a 'later' engine number, due to delays and rework within the Engine Production Department at the Rouge. Production Foreman's handwritten daily logs and journals on file at the Benson Ford Research Center detail many engines which were delayed or round-tripped within the assembly process, prior to final test, approval, and numbering.

Additionally, it is also possible to have a car assembled at a much later date than the engine numbering date, due to slow sales and vehicle production especially during , and freight distance from the Rouge to the several west coast assembly plants. Many completed and numbered engines were warehoused and stored for extended periods before assignment and installation in a vehicle.

One consequence of the delayed use of warehoused engines is that it is possible to find a Model A which has a mid-February or earlier built engine having the early numeral styles fonts , which was installed in a chassis after mid-February, and which has the frame number stamped using the later style numerals 1, 6, and 9. Thus both style numeral stampings are found on the same car, meaning the engine number font and any frame number font do not match.

Green shading indicates a production milestone or unique engine data point for reference. Grey shading indicates a foreign assignment or application of 'Rouge' serial numbers. A few specific examples of foreign use of a 'Rouge' serial number are included for illustration. German Model B Engine Serial Numbers and Location German Model B series engines from used an apparently improved version of the original Model B engine, prior to the implementation of the yet further-improved G28T 'B' engine having insert bearings and pressure oiling.

Production Timeline Legend. White shading indicates monthly production records summary from the Benson Ford Research Center. First engine with bead in oil pan for oil tray numbered February 9, AF engines. A All engines after this number have nickel alloy exhaust valves, September 30, Manchester-assigned engine number was on a big bore block in a Tudor sedan sold new on April 1, in Dronningborg, Denmark.

First engine stamped with new numerals , February 18, Manchester-assigned engine number is found on big bore block in Flensburg, Germany. Four extra holes in oil pan tray for Mr.

Martin, May 11, Four experimental "AX" prefix engines, May , Martin, June 3, Begin production use of low dipper oil tray July 7, Begin production use of hex drain plug bung oil pan July 14, AA Car and truck clutch spring commonized. CAA truck engine prefix discontinued. Stronger clutch spring released for trucks. CAA prefix reinstated for all truck engines.